A Wedding to Remember

A Wedding to Remember

Having A Halloween Costume Party For Your Child? Costumes You Can Make Out Of Balloons

by Florence Nichols

If you are having a Halloween costume party, you may already have chosen to have balloons there for the decorations. You can also use some of the balloons to make your child's costume. This saves you money, and your child will have the best costume at the party.

Green Grapes

Have your child wear a green shirt and pants, such as a green sweat suit. Blow up several green balloons and knot them.  Thread a needle through the knot of each balloon, and stitch them to the shirt. Continue doing this until the shirt is covered in balloons in the front and back.  Use face paint to paint your child's face green. Make some paper leaves out of green construction paper. Cut a strip of the green construction paper so that it fits snugly around your child's head, and staple or glue the ends of the strip together. Glue or staple the green leaves on the front of the strip of construction paper. Place it on your child's head to complete the costume.

Bubble Bath

Put a white shirt and white tights on your child. Place a shower cap on their head. Blow up white balloons and knot them. Use a needle to stitch them to your child's white shirt. Glue a small rubber duck to one of the balloons at their shoulder, and give them a bath brush to hold. They could also wear yellow rain boots.

Jelly Beans

Purchase some jelly beans, and make a bag of jelly beans costume. Blow up several different colored balloons, knot them, and write the name "jelly bean" on each one of them. Put on a shirt and tights in whatever color you choose. Thread the balloons through the knot to the back and front of the shirt.

Balloon Apple Tree

Let your child wear a brown shirt with a hood and brown pants for the trunk of the apple tree. Blow up several small red balloons, knot them, and tape a small green leaf made out of construction paper to each balloon. Stitch the balloons to the shirt in the front, back, and on the hood of the shirt with a needle through the knot in the balloon. Your child should wear green gloves, and use face paint to paint their face green.

To make this easier, you can have balloons delivered to your party that are already blown up from party planning companies, like Dino's Party Center. If not, you can purchase a small pump that you can use to blow up the balloons.


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A Wedding to Remember

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