A Wedding to Remember

A Wedding to Remember

Ideas For A Garden Tea Party Baby Shower

by Florence Nichols

If silly games aren't for you, then a garden tea party is the perfect way to celebrate a classy baby shower. Spring and summer baby showers are the best candidates for an outdoor tea party, but fall showers can also work in mild climates. The following list can help you prepare for the shower so you can host a perfect event. 

Pick the Right Furniture

You will need outdoor furniture that is sturdy and simple for an expectant mother to get in and out of. Skip the tiny bistro-style chairs and instead opt for furniture with broad seats and arms, since these are both more comfortable and easier to maneuver out of. Small groupings work well, especially for larger showers. Choose tables that seat no ore than four or five, and then arrange them in the lawn area of the party area. Then, use separate tables for displaying desserts – a key feature of any tea – and the gifts for the mom-to-be. The outdoor furniture rental company should have a variety of outdoor tables and chairs to choose from, so you can get a matching set. They may also have tablecloths and chair coverings for rent so you can ensure everything has the soft, romantic look that is perfect in the garden.  

Be Prepared

It can be difficult, especially at a spring party, to forecast the weather, so you need to be prepared for rain. Tents are the simplest option if you have a lot of tables you need under cover. It is possible to rent a tent but then request that it is only deployed in the event of rain. Rental gazebos and awnings are another option if you only need light protection from the sun or a gentle rain.

Plan the Menu

Your tea party will need the perfect treats. Make sure that there is a large selection of teas, both caffeinated and decaf – the mom-to-be is likely not partaking of caffeine during her pregnancy. Many tea parties only feature bite-size sweet treats, such as small petit fours cakes, pretty scones, and small cookies, all bedecked with candied edible flower leaves. You may also want to add some more savory finger foods, such as small sandwiches and hors d'oeuvre-type fare. A large selection of different choices is best since the guest of honor may have a picky appetite or watching her sweet intake at this point in her pregnancy.

Choose Your Entertainment

Even though you are skipping the silly games, entertainment is still a necessity at the shower. One elegant idea is to put together a book of advice for the new mother or life advice that is gifted to the child when they are old enough. Pass around a blank book, the more beautifully bound the better, and allow everyone to fill a page with their advice. For a group of creative guests, another classic idea is to decorate onesies or baby shirts with fabric pens. Each custom designed shirt is then gifted to the mom-to-be. If you opt for an option like this, make sure the outdoor tables you rent have smooth tops so that drawing is easier.



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A Wedding to Remember

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