A Wedding to Remember

A Wedding to Remember

5 Things You Didn't Know You Can Rent For A Party

by Florence Nichols

If you are planning on throwing a party, whether it is a New Year's party for adults or a carnival-themed kid's party, you might want to splurge on party rentals. You are probably aware of the main things you can rent, like tables, chairs, and decorations, but there may be some things that surprise you. Here are some fun, unique, and often surprising things you can rent for a party.

Photo Booth

You don't have to build your own photo booth if you want your guests to have a little fun. There are many party rental places that offer different types and sizes of photo booths for your guests. They provide the booth, different backdrops, and a variety of props based on the theme of your party. Many of them are already outfitted with the electronic equipment needed to press the button for taking the picture, though you will need to provide your own camera equipment or rent it separately.

Vintage Props

If the party is going to be more elegant or a wedding reception, you might want to go vintage. There are many props that you can rent from some party rental companies that are highly unique and you won't find elsewhere. For example, if you are planning on a winter-themed wedding, wouldn't it be lovely to have a pari of old-fashioned ice skates and vintage sled near the entrance of the reception? Or perhaps you want a pair of vintage bicycles parked near a wall of your nature-themed party.

Different Types of Tents

Aside from the basic party tents, many party rental companies provide some unique options as well. Many of these are base don certain party themes, such as a real circus tent if you're going with a circus or carnival-themed party. For a party on the beach, choose a tropical style tent with a frame made of bamboo and translucent fabric. You might also want a tent themed for an Indian or Moroccan party or wedding reception. There are even large teepee-style tents, which are appropriate for many different types of celebrations.


For kids' parties, there are small rides you can rent and have transported to your backyard for use by the guests. Some rides you might be able to rent include a small carousel, swing ride, or rocking pirate ship. There are also small car trains and climbing walls for kids to enjoy. These rides are on the pricey side, but a great option for an extra-special kid. These are also good options when you are planning a block party and multiple people can chip in for the rentals.

Fun Food Equipment

Food equipment is also available at a wide range of party rental companies. It can be fun to have a sno-cone machine, popcorn machine, or cotton candy machine at your party. You can even have old-fashioned hot dog steamers or nacho machines to serve up snacks to your guests.

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A Wedding to Remember

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