A Wedding to Remember

A Wedding to Remember

Three Reasons To Let Party Planners Manage The Details Of Your Pre-Wedding Celebrations

by Florence Nichols

These days, couples often host an assortment of parties before the actual wedding: an engagement party, a "meet the parents" party (if the parents and extended family have not met yet), and a rehearsal dinner, among other things. That is a lot of gathering and celebrating to be done when you are probably trying to focus on your gown or suit, the church, the reception venue, and a million other details that accompany wedding planning. Instead, here are three reasons why you should hire a party planner.

Party Planners Know the Best Venues That Fit Your Budget

If you have never planned an engagement dinner or a rehearsal dinner, then you might not know where you can have these events. Additionally, you may be on the phone for an entire day trying to find a venue you like for a price that fits your budget. If you hire a party planner, these people already know all the local venues and how much each costs, thereby cutting down on the decisions and the work you will need to do to host one of these pre-wedding events. Party planners are connected with companies like Vegas Private Dining that provide an entire network of venue options.

Party Planners Can Secure Venues, Tables, Chairs, Catering, Etc.

Planning an engagement party or rehearsal dinner on your own is akin to planning the actual reception. You have to know where your tables, chairs, decorations, food and even your linens are coming from. It requires taking a lot of time that you might not have. A party planner acts as your "gopher" and personal assistant, allowing you to go about your daily affairs while he or she manages the rest. All you worry about are the date, time, number of expected guests and the final cost.

Party Planners Can Manage More Than One of Your Events for a Reduced Price

Some party planners will offer you a package deal. If you hire a planner to do more than one of your pre-wedding celebrations or gatherings, he or she may offer you a reduced rate on his or her labor costs. This is an especially nice feature if you know that you will be holding more than one event and you absolutely do not have the time to do all of this event planning on your own. It also means that you will not have to hire more than one party planning agency to manage all of your pre-wedding events.


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A Wedding to Remember

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