A Wedding to Remember

A Wedding to Remember

How Invitations Should Be Prepared For Your Wedding Day

by Florence Nichols

Are you getting married for the first time and have no clue how to go about handling your wedding invitations? Wedding invitations are actually one of the most important aspects of planning a wedding, as they can determine the outcome in multiple ways. Find out a few of the things that should be considered when it comes to wedding invitations so you can make sure that your special event turns out to be a success.

Choose a Neat Font

When you get your wedding invitation printed, make sure that you don't pick a font that is too fancy. Although a fancy font can complement a formal wedding, it can also be difficult for your wedding guests to read. You should go with a font that is of a nice size and does not contain too many loops on the letters. You might want to opt for more than one font, such as a fancy one for the names of you and your partner, and a simple one for the time, place and date of your wedding event. A poor font can lead to you getting a lot of phone calls from confused guests.

Make Sure That You Are Aware of Who Will Actually Attend

Besides announcing the names of you and your partner on the wedding invitations, you should also ask your guests to confirm their attendance. Make sure that there is a phone number or email address on the invitations for your guest to reserve their table at the reception. You don't want to end up with more people coming to your wedding than you invited; or spending a lot of money and only a few guests actually show up. Making reservations to your event mandatory will give you a better idea of what your budget should be for food, drinks and the capacity of the venue.

Mention the Style of Your Wedding Event

Although you will have specific people in your actual wedding ceremony, you must keep in mind that each guest will play a role in your special day. For instance, you don't want guests dressed too casual when you are having a formal wedding because it can detract from the appeal of the photographs that are taken. Make sure that your wedding invitations mention a specific dress code and the colors that you would prefer are worn by guests. Get in touch with a party planner as soon as you can to start coming up with ideas for your wedding invitations! 


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A Wedding to Remember

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