A Wedding to Remember

A Wedding to Remember

Understanding The Basics Of Team Building Events For Your Business

by Florence Nichols

When it comes to strengthening your company's performance, one of the first things you should think about is ensuring that your employees can work together as a team. It's easy to put a department together, but getting them to work as a cohesive unit can be challenging. With many different personality types, teamwork doesn't always come without some effort. One of the best ways to do this is by planning an event that focuses on team building. Here are a few tips for you to create an event that will draw your staff together.

Make It A Work Day

By planning the event for a work day, you avoid asking your staff to gather on the weekends. Since it's unlikely that they will want to participate in something like this on their personal time, you'll make everyone more receptive to the message and the collaboration if you plan it for a work day. Whether you schedule an afternoon event on a Friday or an all-day event any time, it's easier for everyone to be present when you host the event during a time when they would have already otherwise been working.

Set Defined Expectations

If you're going to host an event like this, make sure your staff knows the exact intent. Let them know that it's not just a fun day or a day to get away. Explain that it's a day to work on building relationships and collaboration. Let everyone know ahead of time what they can expect from the day, what you'll be doing, and what goals you hope will be achieved. By setting the expectations clearly from the beginning, you're more likely to have success. It gives everyone a chance to prepare and be ready to work together to attain the common goals.

Don't Create A Competition

While you might think that creating a competition and separating your staff into groups is the best way to get them all to work together, the fact is that creating competition won't foster teamwork. Instead, many will be so focused on trying to win that they'll likely miss the underlying message and bonding opportunity. Instead, create a group project or design tasks that require solely collaboration, not competition.

Make Your Projects And Events Achievable

Remember that you have an eclectic group of people on your staff, and you'll want to be sure that your activities don't single anyone out. Don't plan any events that require a skill some team members might not have, such as sports or other physically demanding events. Think inclusive, not exclusive.

Plan For An Off-Site Activity

When you really want to get everyone involved, engaged, and actively participating in the event, plan it for an offsite location. Getting everybody out of the work environment will change the dynamic right from the start. For even more benefits, look for an event location that caters and offers other amenities. For example, if you're near a coastal area, a banquet hall or facility that has an ocean view is sure to help everyone relax and feel more willing to cooperate with each other.

Few things can hinder productivity like a team of employees that can't work well together. Whether there are disagreements or just personality conflicts, it's your job as the employer to help overcome these things. The better prepared you are, the stronger your team will be. Use the tips here to help you develop the plan for your event, then work with a local team building specialist to fine-tune things. You can create an event that not only gets everyone involved and helps build supportive relationships, but also is fun and enjoyable for everyone to attend.

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A Wedding to Remember

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