A Wedding to Remember

A Wedding to Remember

  • Ideas For A Garden Tea Party Baby Shower

    If silly games aren't for you, then a garden tea party is the perfect way to celebrate a classy baby shower. Spring and summer baby showers are the best candidates for an outdoor tea party, but fall showers can also work in mild climates. The following list can help you prepare for the shower so you can host a perfect event.  Pick the Right Furniture You will need outdoor furniture that is sturdy and simple for an expectant mother to get in and out of.

  • Questions To Ask Yourself When Planning A Military Reunion

    When you are planning a military reunion, you want to make sure that you are able to get a large enough venue and enough food for the number of people that show up. You also want to make sure that you are able to get as many people to show up that are on your guest list as possible . Here are some tips for making that happen. 1. Who Do You Want to Come?

  • Having A Halloween Costume Party For Your Child? Costumes You Can Make Out Of Balloons

    If you are having a Halloween costume party, you may already have chosen to have balloons there for the decorations. You can also use some of the balloons to make your child's costume. This saves you money, and your child will have the best costume at the party. Green Grapes Have your child wear a green shirt and pants, such as a green sweat suit. Blow up several green balloons and knot them.

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A Wedding to Remember

My sister is a talented person. She recently married the love of her life in a beautiful, intimate church ceremony. While a professional florist decorated the wedding venue, my sister decorated the rehearsal dinner and wedding reception locations. Her gorgeous flower, candle, and accessory selections made her wedding festivities memorable. She received many compliments for her creativity. Unfortunately, I don’t share my sister’s talents for decorating. Therefore, I contact the professionals when I need to plan an event. On this blog, you will discover the benefits of hiring a party planner for your next summer event. Enjoy making your party unforgettable!